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About Us



Our Mission

Precious Rabbits Rescue and Sanctuary is a non-for profit registered rescue within Service Alberta, located in Barrhead, Alberta Canada. 

Since being founded in 2015, we have maintained our goal of providing domesticated rabbits with all physical, social and medical needs of each and every rabbit who comes into our care.

Our Mission

We educate bun guardians and people who want to bring a bun addition into their lives about proper husbrandry and promote how important it is to understand that rabbits are a lifelong commitment. 

"Queen Tulsa"

The Rabbitat: Where our hoppy occupants reside!

The Rabbitat: Where our hoppy occupants reside!


Look at us! Our Rabbitat is where our buns dwell. It is their den, you could say! Each bun situation is treated with individual attention regarding that buns needs. The Hoppers & Wobblers Club resides in hospice for acute care in the Vice President's home.


The Rabbitat is 10 x 22 foot enclosure. This allows the rabbits an abundance of enrichment and exercise. The entire building is heated for winter and kept cool during the summer months, which is perfect for our hoppy inhabitants!

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